San Marco’s stars in BBC film

San Marco’s, the restaurant in Bruce Grove which hosted the inaugural meeting of HarinGAY, is the location for a film showing tonight on BBC2, 9pm.

The Song of Lunch tells the story of book editor, Alan Rickman, who meets up with former lover, Emma Thompson, for a lunch at their old haunt “Zanzotti’s” 15 years after their break-up.  Zanotti’s is moved from Soho to Tottenham, so now you can virtually check out this new venue on the HarinGAY circuit.


2 responses to “San Marco’s stars in BBC film

  1. Fortunately the divine Emma saw better sense than to stay for afters with the less than irresistible Mr Rickman.
    Grappa anytime Ms T.

  2. Rave review here. And commenters all agree, bar one. What the BBC does best.

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